About Us

Rural Rides was founded by Paul Charnick who shares a deep appreciation for the Cotswolds and its stunning landscapes, historic villages, and warm-hearted communities. We believe that the beauty of the Cotswolds should be accessible to all, and we are here to make that vision a reality. That’s when the idea of Rural Rides was born — to make exploring the Cotswolds not only hassle-free but also a cherished experience.

“Paul and Rural Rides are knowledgeable, accommodating, responsive, and delightful. They designed and mapped wonderful walks in the beautiful Cotswold countryside for us and suggested excellent pub stops along the way. Truly memorable; we look forward to our next visit”

Paul Charnick


With a background spanning software, finance, and hospitality, Paul identified an unmet need for reliable rural transportation in The Cotswolds. Accompanied by his loyal companion Norbert the dog, he established Rural Rides to offer a seamless travel solution. With a commitment to enhancing rural mobility, Paul provides both locals and visitors a convenient way to explore and savour the cherished countryside.

Richard East


A seasoned businessman with a strong foothold in the corporate world and deep roots in the Cotswolds. As the owner of a successful recruitment company “RE Recruitment”, Richard brings a wealth of business expertise to the Rural Rides team. Beyond his professional achievements, he finds solace and passion in the Cotswolds’ countryside, where he indulges in country sports.

Cameron Morgan

Operations Manager

With a background in business management. Cameron’s journey with us began when he crossed paths with Richard East during a college business pitch, an encounter that paved the way for his role managing the administrative aspects of our transportation service.

Richard Bagguley

Cotswolds Navigator

With deep-rooted ties to the Cotswolds and an intimate knowledge of the region and a passion for sharing its beauty and history, Richard is your dedicated guide to an unforgettable journey through the Cotswolds. Discover this landscape through the eyes of a true local expert.